Training | Education

WOLLNY CONSULTING develops and conducts trainings for institutional bodies, academia, development organizations and private sector.

In face-to-face trainings and on-site, our participants learn all about design, operation, maintenance and financial aspects of the different RE systems.

Our trainings are focussed on:

  • PV Mini-Grids, Hybrid/PV diesel systems applications
  • Solar Home systems
  • Solar PV rooftop applications
  • Energy storage applications

Training | Education in China

Training for installers in West Provinces of China

The face-to-face trainings and seminars of WOLLNY CONSULTING have taken place nearly worldwide, focussed on Africa and Asia.


South Africa, Ghana, Senegal, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, Uganda


India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand


We have also conducted seminars in Saudi Arabia, Australia and Mexico.

Workshop with Investors on Lamu Island (Kenya)