Training | Knowledge Transfer


WOLLNY CONSULTING offers knowledge-building trainings and training sets, that corresponding to the needs of those involved in the field of renewable energy projects in emerging markets. After the training participants will be able to understand the technical benefit of the technologies and financial attractiveness for investing in solar energies. Saving energy, using energy efficiently and securing a stable energy supply also beyond the public power grids by harvesting the abundant solar energy resources is of up-most important for investors, local governments as well as the private sector.

Our trainings and seminars are an excellent opportunity to obtain an insight into solar energies for developing countries and emerging markets. The training courses are dedicated to members of institutional bodies, academia, private sector and development organizations.

For us a good understanding of the exact needs of each target group is essential in order to be able to offer suitable trainings and workshops. The face-to-face trainings will be individual tailored and arranged to the client’s needs and objectives. The trainings will contain aspect of solar PV on-grid and off-grid technologies and solutions and the development of adequate market strategies for emerging markets.

We know that sometimes, in an organization or company, multiple people need to go through a training program and is not always possible nor efficient to move whole teams across Europe or abroad. For these cases, our complete range of training courses can be delivered in-house. Our courses, workshops and seminars have been developed to serve the needs with practical approaches.

During the covid19 pandemic we are conducting effective virtual webinars and trainings with modern enterprise video communications.

The participants come mainly from:

  • Engineering
  • Project development / management
  • Sales representatives and
  • Economic and financial sector

In face-to-face trainings and on-site, our participants learn all about design, operation, maintenance and financial aspects of the different RE systems.

Our trainings are focussed on:

  • PV Mini-Grids, Hybrid/PV diesel systems applications
  • Solar Home systems
  • Solar PV rooftop applications
  • Energy storage applications
  • Self-consumption system

Training | Education in China

Training for installers in West Provinces of China

The scope of the training courses comprises:

Market research – Business promotion

  • Potential of emerging markets
  • Market entrance strategy
  • Target customer identification
  • Sustainable business relationship

Technical aspects – Selection of appropriate solution

  • Demand assessment
  • Energy efficiency evaluation
  • Technology selection
  • Storage selection
  • Design, sizing and simulation
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Monitoring and communication
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Control and management strategy

Economical aspects – Bankable project documentation

  • Investment costs
  • O&M costs
  • Cash flow
  • Internal rate of return

Financial aspects - Selection of appropriate business model

  • Power purchase agreement
  • Independent power producer
  • Fiscal and non-fiscal incentives
  • Cash incentive
  • Risk mitigation
  • Business case evaluation matrix

The face-to-face trainings and seminars of WOLLNY CONSULTING have taken place nearly worldwide, focused on Africa and Asia.

Africa: South Africa, Ghana, Senegal, Mali, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, Uganda, Ethiopia

Asia: India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand

We have also conducted seminars in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Australia and Mexico.