Vision and Mission

“Solar Energy for developing countries” – that’s what WOLLNY CONSULTING is working for. Electricity and water are the foundation for a productive economic and healthy life. Millions of people worldwide have to live in energy poverty, residing in remote locations, far from the public grid. Their grid often relies on polluting, non-renewable sources of energy like coal, petroleum and natural gas.

Following forecasts of the World Bank and the International Energy Agency, off-grid rural electrification in developing countries and emerging markets has a great potential for both public and private sector: 800 billion people are without access to electricity and more than 80% of them live in rural areas. A lack of productive use of electricity and good lightning restricts local social and economic development, causing environmental and health problems.

Lodge in Kenya

Together with international public and private partners, WOLLNY CONSULTING is working to improve the access to renewables worldwide. The supply with energy based on renewables drives economic development: Small-scale industries and the agricultural sector will be developed, new entrepreneurship will be established. All this will lead to increased incomes, building the base for a healthy live and social economic satisfaction.

In order to trigger the increased involvement of the industry and the finance sector, future global collaboration between the private and public sectors will be crucial. WOLLNY CONSULTING will support this by being partner in this worldwide network.

Hands-on training in Province of China