Fuel saving in Kenya

Project definition:

Conduction of a technical training „Fuel Saving in Kenya and the integration of Solar PV into Diesel Grids“ for Kenyan Power and government agencies, ministries, companies in the use of renewable energy for a sustainable electrification with PV



Technical Training: Fuel Saving in diesel mini-grids

The objective of the rural electrification program - financed by the government – was to provide electricity in areas far from the national grid. There, electricity supply projects are not commercially viable, leading to a bad social and economic situation in those areas.

Rural electrification projects are mainly undertaken by the Renewable Energy Authority (REA). Some works are carried out by Kenya Power which also connects customers and operates and maintains the national grid. The generation assets are financed by REA through the Rural Electrification Fund and Kenya Power operates the off-grid power stations after installation.

The 3-day training carried out by WOLLNY CONSULTING had the purpose to build up capacities at Kenya Power and REA in order to empower them for designing optimal mini-grid tenders with  Solar PV as fuel savers in diesel mini-grids. Additionally, awareness on state-of-the-art technology solutions for PV-Diesel Mini-Grid systems should be raised. The training had required some upfront analysis of load data in existing diesel grids in order to design exemplary PV solutions for existing diesel grids. Target participants were engineers and technicians from Kenya Power and REA and relevant private sector companies.

Position: Senior Advisor and Instructor

Purchaser: RENAC The Renewables Academy (Berlin, Germany)