Project: Capacity building measures

Project definition:

Conduction of the workshop „Optimizing Operation & Maintenance for Mini-Grid Systems“ and technical training for the local utility and Ministry of Energy in PV-diesel-hybrid applications and Mini-Grid operation.



In off-grid rural areas in Mozambique, the government (represented by Fundo do Energia, FUNAE) aims to increase the access to energy. Until now, electricity in these off-grid areas has traditionally been supplied by diesel-based generation  which involves high fuel costs leading to an unsteady supply due to the limited availability of diesel. Mini-grid systems can therefore provide a reliable and economic alternative energy solution for remote areas.

WOLLNY CONSULTING drafted a workshop focussed on enlarging both the theoretical construct and the know-how oft he participants. During the training, the preconditions for a technical and economical viable mini-grid operation and the requirements for an optimal and stable operation and maintenance of a mini-grid system and its benefits were demonstrated.  The workshop covered PV-diesel hybrid systems and PV-based mini-grids.

Position: Renewable Energy Expert and Instructor

Purchaser: RENAC The Renewables Academy (Berlin, Germany)