Project: PV Finance Training

Project definition:

„PV Finance Training Workshop“ for Nigerian Bank of Industy in collaboration with International Finance Cooperation (IFC)

Training Workshop for IFC clients in Nigeria



Workshop: PV Finance Training Workshop

IFC is supporting business activities and signed a agreement with Bank of Industry of Nigeria to improve the understanding of the technical beneficially of the solar technology and their financial attractiveness for investors. More and more investors would like to discuss their project proposal with local financial institutions. A good knowledge about solar technology are prerequisite to establish appropiate credit lines and further financial instruments with adaquate risk measures.

The objective of the workshop was to introduce principal application for solar on-grid, backup and off-grid and their main technical functionalities. The training focused on the assessment of bankable project, needed bankable project documentation and risk mitigation strategies. A financial analysis tool for calculating actual business cases was introduced.

Position:  Senior Key Expert

Purchaser: RENAC international (Berlin, Germany)